Sergio Lloreda


Hi, my name is Sergio Lloreda and together with a superb team we grow organic passionfruit and tamarillo here in Colombia. Thank you for buying our delicious fruits! 

Since setting up in 1988, our company values and business philosophy have circled around three core principles:

To produce and sell the highest quality products available
To support both local and global communities
To practice environmental stewardship.

We are convinced that these three principles are interconnected since through conscientious production and distribution processes we can offer our customers high quality fruits and vegetables that in turn has a positive impact on our farmers, the workers in the field our team, and of course the environment.

The bee has become a symbol of the steps we take in our entire production process. When we first heard that bees were dying in many parts of the world because of certain insecticides, we immediately stopped using them. We even went a step further and significantly reduced all pesticide use on our fields and our partner grower’s farms through intense research efforts. Since then, we have successfully replaced several chemically synthesized pesticides with more benign organic control methods and started a 100% organic farm, hoping this agricultural model would provide us the technology to produce a larger percentage of our fruit in the future.

The fruit Nature & More sells comes from our organic certified farm!


Interview with Sergio Lloreda

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One Cent for the Future

Thank you for buying our delicious fruits!  Furthermore, we would also like to say “gracias” on behalf of the students that are participating in a special university scholarship.
In Colombia it is very difficult for farm workers and their families to enjoy higher education.  This is very sad because I often see so much talent around our farm and in the packhouse. To ensure the young people get the education they deserve, we have set up a special scholarship that offers financial support for these students. For every kg of organic tamarillo and passionfruit sold, at least  € 0,01 will go towards the scholarship so on behalf of these lucky students we would once again like say thanks for your help! Sergio


What am I growing?

Geolocation is 4.7109886, -74.072092

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