Nature and more strives to continually increase transparency, mutual awareness and shared responsibility of all stakeholders in the food supply chain with regards to food quality, ecology and social justice.

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Thanks for visiting us! On this website you can enjoy virtual farm tours and learn more about the stories and ideas behind Nature & More's organic fruits and vegetables. If you have purchased a product with a code, go ahead and enter it above. Otherwise, have a look around and enjoy our website!

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J'ai vu récemment sur ARTE un documentaire sur le commerce équitable dans les bananeraies et j'ai été surprise et choquée de constater à quelle point les populations locales peuvent être exploitées, non respectées et combien l'environnement n'est pas non plus bien respecté. Qu'en est-il chez vous ?
edith france - 31 Jul 2014


Hallo Andres Nunez,
die Ananas habe ich im Bioladen gekauft, Aus´sehen und Preis waren in Ordnung. Nach einer Woche Lagerung hielt ich sie auch für reif - und habe sie heute gegessen. Der Geschmack ist gut. Allerdings hinterlässt sie bei mir im Mund und an der Schleimhaut umfangreiche Reizungen, wie ich sie seit Jahren nicht mehr bei Ananas (egal ob konventioneller Vetrieb oder Bio-Laden) kenne. Daher kann ich den Verzehr ihres Produkts ganz persönlich leider nicht weiter empfehlen. Diese Reizungen halten jetzt seit Stunden an und beeinträchtigen mein heutiges Wohlbefinden ganz ungemein.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
kidock - 29 Jul 2014


My son works at Aosta Waddinxveenin the Netherlands as sales manager and he brought me one of your organic pineapples.
We have tasted this and this is one of the best pineapples i have taste in years.
I, myself have worked over 32 years in the fruit bissines.
Jacob Schoemaker Netherlands - 28 Jul 2014


Good morning, I always eat your organic pomegranates - buying them from the organic shop where I order my products. I certainly love them. Unfortunately I have not been able to lay hands on them the past weeks - I guess it's not the season anymore for pomegranates over here. Would there be any place/shop/dealer where I could still buy your pomegranates currently and for the upcoming months in The Netherlands? You would truly make me very happy with that. They became a 'staple food' for me, and I was eating some of your pomegranates each day. Thank you very much in advance and thank you for growing such a great product! Best regards, Anne
Anne, The Netherlands - 23 Jul 2014

No allergic reaction anymore !

Hi Andres and other people from Corsicana!
The pineapple we bought was very good, just as a lot of other people already mentioned.
Some time ago we found that my wife got an allergic reaction after eating some 'normal' pineapple pieces. She thought that eating fresh pineapple would be a no-go-area for her in future. We tried it with a good Corsicana pineapple and there was no allergic reaction at all. From now on only Corsicana pineapples for us !!!
Leo, the Netherlands - 21 Jul 2014