Nature and more strives to continually increase transparency, mutual awareness and shared responsibility of all stakeholders in the food supply chain with regards to food quality, ecology and social justice.

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Welcome to Nature & More

Thanks for visiting us! On this website you can enjoy virtual farm tours and learn more about the stories and ideas behind Nature & More's organic fruits and vegetables. If you have purchased a product with a code, go ahead and enter it above. Otherwise, have a look around and enjoy our website!

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answer for susan.

dear susan,
yes we can ship anywhere with cargo companies. would you please let us know your adress, so that we can inform you about the delivery cost?.
thanks so much for your interest.
hope the best.
mehmet - 27 Oct 2014


Wonderful taste thanks a lot for this excellent quality!
Michael Grimmeissen - South Germany - 27 Oct 2014

Biofrucht 😊

Hallo Mehmet.

Deine Granatäpfel schmecken richtig lecker. Danke, dass wir so etwas genießen können.
Gabriela, aus Bayern - 26 Oct 2014

pomegranate export

do you ship to the united states. I live in Delray BEach Florida and the pomegranates here are not as good as Turkey
susan - 22 Oct 2014

Avis sur ananas

Bonjour. Je n'ai goûté pour l'heure qu'un seul ananas et je peux dire qu'il était excellent. Excellent pour moi veux dire : goûteux, sucré, juteux et en plus il est biologique.
S'ils sont tous comme celui que j'ai goûté, alors félicitations et merci pour ce savoureux moment.
LAMBRON - 21 Oct 2014