Nature and more strives to continually increase transparency, mutual awareness and shared responsibility of all stakeholders in the food supply chain with regards to food quality, ecology and social justice.

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Welcome to Nature & More

Thanks for visiting us! On this website you can enjoy virtual farm tours and learn more about the stories and ideas behind Nature & More's organic fruits and vegetables. If you have purchased a product with a code, go ahead and enter it above. Otherwise, have a look around and enjoy our website!

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Thank you for the pineapples

Please let me tank you for your efforts. This week I bought the first pineapples since years - your pineapples, that smell and taste natural again. I had nearly forgotten this great delight! So, whenever you get the feeling, that work is getting too hard, please don't forget how important you are.
Dagmar Wolf, Germany - 19 Dec 2014

your pineapples

I really enjoyed your pineapple .It is so tasty , so real. And I must say , it tastes even better realizing how is was produced, with shared and fair benefit for you, your team , the custumers and , last but not least, the environment!

Thank you so much!

Jacques Picard- Strasbourg - 18 Dec 2014

Thank You

I never thought a Mango from your Fazenda Tamanduá can change my life...I hope to meet you Pierre one day and spend a night between the Mangoes.

Love, Arnas
Arnas, Denmark - 15 Dec 2014

Pure taste

Top that I can get your delicious Ananas also in Zwitserland by Eosta Holland.
The Quality is always super thanks greetings from a Swiss Institute Werksiedlung Renan
Greetings, Grusse, Salutions, groeten Olivier van der Staal
Olivier van der Staal - 11 Dec 2014

Organic fruit will never end suprising me

A few years ago I thought that I literraly hate pinaples because of their structure, but today I changed my mind. I love them and I want to eat them every day. When I cut it, sweet flavor was so hypnic that I ate two pieces before I finish serving it. I am stil shaking how wonderful it was. Tomorow I must buy more of these miracles :)
Zuzana Prague Czech Republic - 9 Dec 2014