Nature and more strives to continually increase transparency, mutual awareness and shared responsibility of all stakeholders in the food supply chain with regards to food quality, ecology and social justice.

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Thanks for visiting us! On this website you can enjoy virtual farm tours and learn more about the stories and ideas behind Nature & More's organic fruits and vegetables. If you have purchased a product with a code, go ahead and enter it above. Otherwise, have a look around and enjoy our website!

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pas de vente au costa rica ?

Nous achetons et apprécions régulièrement des ananas costariciens Bio ...en France lors d'un séjours d'un mois au Costa Rica ..IMPOSSIBLE d'acheter des ananas bio !quelque soit la région et les magasins visités !! très décevant .ne vendez vous votre production qu'à l’étranger ?
Cordialement ..curieuse de votre réponse
Chantal et Bernard
Chantal Schmitt - 24 Apr 2015

buying pommegranate seeds or seedlings

Hello Mehmet, I live in Germany and would like to order pommegranate seeds or seedlings for growing in my home country, liberia, west africa. do you ship to west africa? would you also have other plants or seeds which grow in tropical figs for example. i love fruits and vegetables. good for my health problemsThanks Josepine
josephine barney, hamburg germany - 24 Apr 2015

job in the green house

Hello, my name is VÂNIA im 21 living in france for a while, im looking for a job in a greenhouse for fruit/vegetable picking, i saw you grow some organic products wich is something i would love to do and work with, i was wondering if you have any vacancie at the moment. Would be a pleasure to work with you guys.
Thank you
Vânia correia /france - 23 Apr 2015

organic lime oil

hello i wonder if you process limes to make lime oil ? distilled or cold pressed ? is nop USA or EU organic , thank you
Hugo UK USA - 22 Apr 2015

Just to say thank you

... So thank you... Very good pineapple... Very sweet and flavoured! Keep up the good work! :)
Daniela Malaga Spain - 18 Apr 2015